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Jewelry is Meant to be Worn-Not Kept in a Box.


We work with our own in-house Master Jeweler and jewelry artisans across the U.S. to transform jewelry. We take great pride in boosting your family’s heirlooms into current, wearable pieces that maintain their sentimental heritage. Family treasures are often at the heart of the DesignLAB as we breathe new life into them.


Want a fresh take on your family engagement ring? DesignLAB can use your diamonds and simply remount them to create a updated look for a minor investment.


Have jewelry that you never wear? The DesignLAB will transform it into a piece that you will love.


All design concept work is complementary.

If your jewelry is not being worn, allow us to transform it.

Our Master Jeweler utilizes a modern repair lab located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga to redesign jewelry. Most design work takes only 10 to 20 days to complete. Let us redesign, boost or transform your jewelry!

White Armor Application

Galvanic rhodium covers jewelry with a surface that guards against scratches as it gives a reflective white appearance. It can be applied to yellow gold jewelry to make it appear to be white gold. Additionally, it increases shine, luster and durability.

This White Armor application $60

Earring Transformation

Redesigning jewelry brings new life to it. Transform loose earring parts and stones into a stunning pair of emerald and diamond earrings.

This earring revolution: $490

Necklace Revolution

Repurposing jewelry creates treasures. Transform a solitaire necklace and earring jacket into a dramatic double halo pendant .

This necklace revolution: $370

Ring Transformation

Find yourself not wearing your jewelry?  Transform it. This simple repurposing honors the sentimental value of the customer’s piece while freshening up their jewelry box.

This ring transformation: $550

Earring and Pendant Creation

What was once one piece of jewelry become two. Redesign your engagement ring into earrings and diamond pendant if more suitable.

This earring and pendant creation: $900

Pendant Revolution

Take dated pieces of jewelry out of your jewelry box to repurpose them. This ring was transformed into a modern pendant.

This ring transformation $ 570

Engagement Ring Boost

Boost your engagement ring with a modern look.  Utilizing the client’s diamonds,  a new ring was created by updating the engagement ring mounting

This engagement ring boost: $1600

Ring and Pendant Transformation

Don’t let your unworn jewelry just sit in a drawer. Redesign it into wearable, beautiful jewelry. Here, a ring and pendant were created from one pair of diamond studs.

This engagement ring and pendant conversation: $1300

Pendant Revolution

Jewelry still has value even if it is no longer your taste. This dated ring was repurposed into a diamond pendant in this dramatic pendant revolution.

This pendant revolution: $420

Bracelet Revolution

Want to make your family heirloom something you can enjoy and wear? This bracelet transformation maintains the original ring’s integrity while bringing it into the 21st century.

This bracelet revolution: $1300

Engagement Ring Boost

You will feel like you have a new engagement ring after updating it. A new ring mounting provides a new look while ensuring the sentiment is maintained.

This engagement boost: $1100

White Armor Application

Want a new jewelry look with minimal investment? Try our Galvanic rhodium as it covers jewelry with a surface that guards against scratches and it gives a reflective white appearance. Here it is selectively applied to the yellow gold to make it appear to be white gold. It also makes the ring hypoallergenic.

This White Armor application $60