This post explains how we are different from chain jewelry stores and the traditional jewelry market.

Jewelry Shopping Reimagined

With our streamlined process, we come to you so you can enjoy a concierge jewelry shopping experience.

We style you as you as you work directly with our local consultants and the industry’s top artisans to curate your look.

How does it work?

1. Reach out to set up a appointment. Simply call, email or text to set up a time. The call takes just a few minutes to determine how we can best style you or your loved one.

2. Based on the call and our own proprietary research, we compile a fashion profile and jewelry choices designed specifically around your style and budget. We will present a selection of fine jewelry for your review.

3. Upon your review, you are able to purchase any of the curated items at specialized pricing. We are able to offer large savings comparative to a traditional jewelry store as our business model removes all of the overhead associated with a chain jeweler.

We look and operate substantially different. Its intentional. We know the jewelry industry well and have experienced long standing careers in it. We want to offer an experience that is client focused and vibrant.

We are a client center firm. We want to build relationships while offering a concierge service while positively impacting everyone we encounter.

We would love to start the conversation today. Reach out and lets get styling.

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