Frequently Asked Questions


Can you come to my office to offer gift options for my wife for our upcoming anniversary?

Absolutely. Our business model is built around providing convenience. Once at your office, we can further discuss your specific requests, and we will offer suggestions for your wife based on our market research of her specific tastes. Our approach allows us the flexibility to come to you by removing the large overhead associated with jewelry stores. We save you time with our mobility and offer large financial advantages with our nimble business approach.

I am wanting to buy everyday jewelry for myself. What price range do you offer?

We are excited that you are going to reward yourself. It is remarkable how a bit of sparkle can elevate your outlook. We celebrate that the Lord made us all unique, and as result, we all have different preferences. With direct access to hundreds of thousands of options, we truly have something for all tastes. We have silver pieces starting below $100. Since we are not a brick and mortar store, we do not have certain jewelry lines we need to promote to meet goals and vendor demands like you find at chain stores. Our goal is for you to layer on a bit of sparkle, and I am certain we can do that within your price point.

Do I have to buy something during our visit/Is a purchase required or expected?

Absolutely not. We feel certain you will see the value in our mission. We are honored to serve you and all of Chattanooga. We will never require a purchase, ever. We are excited to show you how we work and how we offer a fresh approach to purchasing jewelry. We stand excited to show you what we are all about!

How do you know my style to hand pick jewelry for me?

That is a great question!  It is part of our “secret sauce.” We research the client socially to develop a curated style type following our initial meeting. Following the first meeting, we put together a curated look and can present several suggestions within the client’s target price point.

We love people and we greatly enjoy making people feel special and cared for. This is our way to make our client feel like the most special person in the room.