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Engagement Ring Chat

Our process is tailored to each client, even complete with your own welcome sign. After a brief conversation we learn more about the ring we will create and the budget. Our proprietary bridal experience ensures you receive the best value and quality over other jewelry stores. Learn more.

ear Piercing appointment

Our Piercing Team will walk you through the entire process, from helping you select your earrings, to perfectly positioning your piercing, to advising you on piercing aftercare. We specialize in piercing children. Learn more here.

Jewlery Redesign

If you have a jewelry box full of dated jewelry, we can help!  So many women have jewelry they don't wear that has deep sentimental meaning. We maintain your jewelry's legacy by removing the gemstones and then reset them into jewelry that is your style. Learn more here and see commonly asked questions here.

Permanent Jewelry

Our forever keepsakes are designed with luxury materials to ensure your Gilted Thread forever cherishes those for which you wear them. Our solid 14k gold Threads are hand crafted from high tensile strength chain and solid gold high gauge connectors that are custom fitted to you. Learn more and see commonly asked questions.