March 30th / 11a-6p

Jewelry Redesign In The Garden

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A Garden Party Event

  • Redesign your dated or family jewelry to your style while keeping all the sentential meaning
  • Sell your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry for cash if you don’t want anymore
  • Upgrade your engagement ring. Use your diamonds or upgrade to new
  • If you are not sure its real, we will tell you
  • Appraise your jewelry so you can insure it.



Jewelry Redesign

Do you have a Grandmother’s ring that you would never wear but will always keep because of it’s sentimental meaning. Or jewelry you don't wear because it's dated. Redesign it! We remove the gemstones and then reset them into jewelry that is your style. We keep the sentimental and take the jewelry from a box to your hand.

Sell Your Jewelry

Gold is at an all time HIGH! If you have gold jewelry you don’t wear, cash it in. We will guarantee the highest gold offer for your gold. If your not sure if it is gold, we can help.

Tell me if its REAL!

Do you have a box of real and costume jewelry mixed together? We will sort real gold from costume for $49, regardless the size of the box.


If you don’t have an appraisal your jewelry is probably not fully insured with your insurance company. For this event only, we are reducing our appraisals from $175 each to $75 each!